Is your roof ready for spring?

By Kemar Trepair on March 02, 2021

roof pics

With the winter ice towing away, the outside is more alluring now. While you ensure that everything is operating properly throughout your home, please remember your roof. With the ice defrost, you may find that your small roof is storing large issues. Here are a few tips to ensure that you do not get wet throughout the seasons. 


Spring in some places is accompanied by a lot of rainfall, rainfall that will run over on your house surfaces and through cracks in the roof if you do not pay attention to the covering of your home. Clearing your gutters is a big annoyance to everyone, but things like this, if you do not clear away leaves and sticks, sometimes nests too, your gutters will overflow.

If you are ok with heights and do not mind climbing a leader, you can go ahead on up and clear all twigs and leaves away from your gutters with a trowel. Remember to always begin near the downspout. You can use a hose to assist with the flushing of small debris.

In case you are not comfortable with heights or ladders, Bridggez can assist you with finding a contractor who will assist you with your needs. If you find cleaning your gutters a tiresome task, consider having gutter guards installed. You can find these at your local for as low as $7.50 per ft.


Taking a few minutes out of your day to inspect your roof can be the difference between you being wet or dry. You can look for signs such as loose flashing, missing or bulging shingles, or those with curled edges.


You can easily miss a leak inside your crawl spaces or attics due to the fact that we do not spend a lot of time there. While you check your roofs, it would be great if you keep in mind that there is an inside to the roofing structure as well. Remember to check the inside for signs of roof damage or sign that moisture may have soaked inside the. house. To identify these problems you can check for puddles, molds, brown spots, or even seeing light from holes. 


In order to secure your roof strength, You will need to look for stains. The most common ones are black stains. These black stains on your roof may be algae. While algae at its early stage may not be dangerous, we advise you to wear protective gear. Algae do not normally often impact the structure of the roof, the most that will happen is it looking unpleasant. You will need to clean it, especially for curbside appeal. 

You can easily get rid of this by washing your roof. Keep in mind, a roof power wash can damage shingles. We recommend that you contact either a freelancer ( which can be done through Bridggez Connect).