Home Inspections For All Season

By Kemar Trepair on January 25, 2021

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No matter the season we are in, we should not look past a home inspection. A home inspection is a non-invasive examination throughout your home. Neglecting this can result in damages to your home and appliances, which will cost a lot to replace or fix. 
 In order to minimize the expenses to fix and or replace, it may cost a pretty penny. We recommend that you carry out an inspection after every season. We also recommend that you call a professional because we may not be able to see small issues with our untrained eye. However, in case you can not afford the official inspection, Here are a few tips of what a certified Home inspector would carry out during the process. 

Home Inspector

You can do your home inspections by yourselves, but not being professionals we tend to miss the tiny things that become big issues later. This is why we advise you to always hire a professional home inspector. Home inspections are necessary before purchasing a house, doing renovations, or recommended for checks every five years. 

About Inspection

Home inspectors in Canada are trained and certified by accredited institutions. This will ensure that they know exactly what they are doing. Now inspections are different based on the season. The intensity of the inspection relies on the season it is being done and can take anywhere from two to four hours to be completed. Here is a checklist for each season. 


Check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors ( ensure they are working correctly, run checks, replacing the batteries. This is recommended to be done every three months).
Vacuum out air registers to remove debris and dust. 
Clean refrigerator coils.
Flush the water out of the heater (this will remove sediments that may have built up over time).
Asset the caulking around your shower and bathtubs ( checking for cracks or peeling).
Schedule a service call to have your air conditioning checked before the first hot day of spring or summer.
Change your furnace filter ( this should also be done every three months).


Remove lint from the hose of your clothes dryer.
Clean your windows ( repair ripped screens).
Check your gutters for clogged. ( remove any debris and ensure the gutter is secured and is pointing south).
Test Carbon monoxide and smoke detector (replace batteries if needed).
Change furnace filters,
Ensure your trees are not a threat to your power lines or any other wire.
Inspect your roof ( holes crumbling can happen over time).
Look for cracks in your asphalt. ( Check out our driveway blog to see what to look for and how to fix it).
 Check the ground around the foundation.  ( re-grade is necessary. The ground of your foundation should always slope away from your house).
 Check your attic fan,( summer is coming next and it's normally hot).


Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
Change the filter in your furnace.
Clean the coils of your refrigerator.
Schedule a service call to have an HVAC specialist check your furnace out. Or you can become a patron on bridggez and we can assist you to find the right person. 
Check the dishwasher, and washer, and dryer. ( you will need to look for signs of leaks).
Check on your decks, patio, or porches. ( Look for peeling sagging or damage).
Power-wash the walkways and driveways.
Clean your showerhead (these are removable).
Check crawl spaces for damages done by animals, water, or foreign objects.
Lubricate your garage doors.


Remove lint from the hose of the clothes dryer. (use a vacuum).
Change furnace filters.
. Check windows and seals for leaks.
Shut off all outside water faucets or pipes connected to your garden hose.
Clear your gutters.
 Put your garden and yard 'to bed' for the winter. (clean up overgrown vegetation and everything else).
Prepare your fireplace for the winter.
Ensure the fans in your ceiling are secured.
Check the soffit for stains.


m Home inspections cost can range between $275 CA and $500 CA, all depending on the layout of your house. You can find a list of certified home inspectors in Canada at NACHI.
Choosing The Right Inspector
Finding an accredited and knowledgeable home inspector can be hard if you are not aware of what to look for in one. Here are some pointers that may assist you with the decision.
Use as much time to interview.
Ask relative questions.
Try not to use the referrals from your real estate agent. ( These referrals are normally contracted to give favorable reports).
Identify qualified and trusted inspectors .
Compare reports from inspectors.
Consider training and experience.
Ask exactly what they are doing for the price listed.
When to do an inspection done
No matter the season, it is important to ensure that your home is up to par and functioning exceptionally well. We encourage you to seek assistance from a professional, whether it be a home inspector, HVAC specialist, or gardener. Visit our website and become a patron, list what you need to be done and we will assist you in doing it.