Cleaning you windows inside and out

By Kemar Trepair on April 20, 2021


Cleaning your windows inside and out. 

Cleaning your windows can be one of the simplest chores to be assigned to any member of the household. What we may not know is that there is a right and wrong way to have it done. However cleaning your windows need precision and a knack for details.

In order to enjoy the long days and the beautiful views of the outdoors during the springs, washing your windows should be on the top of your spring cleaning list. Fortunately for us, there are several commercial window- cleaning products available to assist us with the task at hand. You can rely on sites such as Amazon.Ca to have a vast  variety of tools and chemicals to assist.   


Whether you choose to rely on store bought products like Windex or trying homemade vinegar based cleaning solutions, you will need a few pointers to ensure that the job is done properly. 
Firstly, if you are considering using a homemade window cleaner here is a quick list of ingredients and the method to pull it off. 



1. Gather your household ingredients.
2.Mix ingredients and add warm water to dilute. 
3.Add something to make it smell nice (This is optional).

Here are some quick pointers, tips and ingredients to help you on the way. 
Cleaning the Inside of Windows

 Cleaning your window is relatively easy, So here is a step by step guide on how to get the inside of your windows clean. 

1.Start by filling a bucket or even a large pot with cold water. 

2.Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap.

3.Lay a large towel beneath the window. This is to stop water from affecting what is beneath it, Rug, Mat, furniture, wood etc.

4.Use a sponge or a microfiber cloth to go over the surface of the window. P.S start from the top and work your way to the bottom.  

5.Remember to wipe down the frame, inside and outside. 
6.Apply the window cleaning solution generously. Whether you are using a homemade solution or store bought product. You can rely on stuff like windex, zep or any other product. You can find these at any of your local stores, pricing from $7 CA to $14 CA

7.Use a lint- free clean towel or even the regular black- and - white pages of your daily newspaper. 

8.The next step is drying your windows completely, Try and use a Z-Shaped motion. paper towels to dry the windows, it's up to your preference. 

9.If dirt or streaks remain, repeat the application process again. 

10.Keep in mind that it is best to carry out window cleanings when it's a cloudy day. This will prevent the soapy water or window cleaning solution from drying on the windows.

 Cleaning the outside of your windows.

Cleaning the outside of your windows is sometimes a little more tricky than cleaning the insides. We highly recommend that you hire a professional for homes with more than one story. You can Visit our website at to find a professional window cleaner. 
Just in case you are doing this on your own, you will need to apply a little extra effort due to the fact that the exterior surface of the windows are naturally more dirty than inside. For the exterior of the windows, here are a few steps to help you with the process.
1. You will first need to rinse the windows with a steady stream of water from your hose, or  repeated application of water using a bucket. 

2. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to a bucket of cold water. 

3.  Use a soft microfiber cloth and go over the entire surface of the window. For your higher windows, you will probably need a sponge map attached to a pole or a ladder to reach them.

4. You will need to rinse the windows thoroughly with a hose or a bucket. 

5. After rinsing, dry the windows using a clean, Preferable, rubber-bladed squeegee.  When drying the window, try to angle it in a top to bottom movement. Once the squeegee has reached the bottom use a clean, lint -free towel to wipe it. 

Now when you have reached dirt and stains that seem a lot harder to remove ( for example bird droppings, dirt and stains), you will need to saturate the area thoroughly with either your homemade vinegar based solution or with your store bought product.  Apply the solution and have it sit for at least five minutes and let it soak and then rub it with a soft and or gentle scrubbie sponge. We advise you to not use steel squeegees and wipers on your windows, as they will scrape up your windows.

You will also need to clean your window screens. You will start by rinsing with plain water, then applying your cleaning solution, then rinsing again with plain water. You will then allow the screen to dry before returning it to the windows.

If you do not have the time to undertake such onerous task find a professional window cleaner on